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Obtain support and upgrades for 1 year, or until your subscription expires. Optional.

Fair Conditions

Licenses include 1 month of support and all minor updates. Purchased license never expires.


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Maintenance Benefits
Get Deskman 7 free, when it comes out.
Obtain fast email support for 1 year.
Reduced Price
Subscription costs much less than upgrading.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and how will I receive my license?

You will receive your license by email, after payment is confirmed. It may be a few minutes but it's usually almost instant.

How can I buy maintenance?

Click the buy button to place your order, and you'll be able to add Yearly Maintenance Subscription to your purchase.

Do I need to buy maintenance?

No, it's optional.

What do I get if I don't buy maintenance?

1 month of support and all minor updates.

Do I have to pay for updates?

Minor updates are free. But upgrades — new major releases — require purchasing a new license or a valid maintenance subscription.

Will I be able to buy maintenance later on?

Maintenance is only available when placing your order.

What happens after 1 year?

Maintenance is subscription-based: after 1 year you'll be charged again automatically, for the same price.

What if I don't want to renew my subscription?

Contact us and we'll make sure your credit card is not automatically charged.

Can I renew maintenance whenever I like?

You are ineligible for renewal if your maintenance subscription has expired.

Will I lose my license if I cancel maintenance?

No. Purchased licenses keep working with or without maintenance.

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