Version 12 Features

Deskman is a program that helps you secure Windows, protecting workstations from tampering.

Designed to greatly simplify the security configuration of workstations.

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Requires Windows 10, or later and a modern web browser

Desktop Security

Block access to desktop components: Desktop icons, Taskbar, the Start menu, Copilot and much more.

Disable Mouse and Keys

Disable Ctrl+Alt+Del, the right mouse button and many other system keys and combinations.

Custom Start Menu

Build a secure Start menu, with only a few applications and commands, for easy access.

Application Filter

Apply software filters, blocking unwanted applications and stopping software installation.

Web Filter

Allow only a list of domains and IP addresses, wildcards allowed, and block everything else.

Folder Filter

Block access to all folders on File Explorer except for the ones you want, without using permissions.

Strong System Policies

Make sure users do not change important settings by blocking access to settings, drives and system tools.

Web Browser Protection

Protect web browser configuration by blocking access to settings and menus on Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

Suspend Restrictions

Pause restrictions temporarily from the dashboard, locally or remotely, or by pressing a hotkey.

Network Sync

Configure your installations automatically, by syncing data between them, using groups to manage different configurations.

Internal Logs

Keep track of everything around Deskman: blocked apps, filtered webs, user activity, configuration changes and usage warnings.


Security Logs

Monitor system security events, such as connected/disconnected external drives and installed/uninstalled applications.

Backups and Presets

Deskman is able to save weekly data backups to a folder, and allows you to manage multiple configurations.

Network Access

Deskman works via web, which means it can be accessed from any device (mobile or desktop) on your local network.

Advanced Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to suspend restrictions, view logged users, restart the system, manage running processes and more.

User Permissions

Assign permissions to allow guest access to Deskman, based on your own requirements.

Two-Factor Authentication

Users are able to activate two-factor authentication on their accounts for increased security.

Works Offline

Deskman works on your network via web, but internet access is optional. Isolated workstations are supported.

Low Resource Usage

Deskman is fully optimized, with no external requirements, and very low cpu and memory consumption.

Easy to Use

Deskman is easy to use and fast to deploy, with a modern UI for desktop and mobile, and detailed documentation.

No Subscription Required

Licenses do not expire and do not require a subscription to work. A maintenance plan is available for support and upgrades.

100% Private

Deskman is On-Premises software. It is not in the cloud, only you have access to your data.

Curated Security

Deskman provides Windows administrators with powerful restrictions, developed and tested by our team and refined after years of customer feedback.

Enterprise & GMP

Deskman includes advanced logs for auditing, no auto-updates, automatic data backups, user permissions and it's used on GMP-compliant environments.

Centralized Logs

Deskman Manager is available for advanced users, providing license management and a centralized, fully searcheable, log.