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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me if I lock myself down?

Sure. Contact us.

What are the differences between Deskman Classic and Deskman Network?

They are different products, sharing the same principle. In case of doubt, we'd recommend you Deskman Network.

Are there special network requirements?

A web browser is required to configure Deskman, but there are no network requirements. Deskman Network can be used locally like any other application.

If I upgrade to Deskman Network 4, will I keep my settings?

Yes. Version 4 is 100% compatible with version 3.

Do you plan to support Windows 10?

Of course! Deskman already works on Windows 10, but we'll release updates after it becomes available.

Do you support Internet Explorer 8?

Sorry, no. IE9, at least. If you have no option but to use IE8, get Deskman Classic.

I don't have internet access on my system, is that a problem?


Can I apply per-user restrictions?

Restrictions are applied system-wide. But you can create exceptions for administrators, or activate maintenance.

Is your support service fast?

Yep. Faster than the competition. People are usually shocked. Every single response will be typed by one of our team members.

After contacting you, will you send me spam?

No. We will never sell or share your email address, or personal information. Period.

Can I trust your downloads?

Absolutely. Our downloads are 100% free of virus, spyware, or malware of any kind. Executables are signed and certified.

How many copies do I have to purchase?

One copy per computer where you plan to install and use the software.

If I buy Deskman Classic can I also use Deskman Network?

No. They are different products.

Do I have to pay for updates?

Updates are free. But upgrades — new major releases — require a new license.

Where can I see what's new?

Check the changelog.

What happens when my license expires, after 1 year?

Nothing. Licenses do not expire: support entitlement does.


Please, send us as many details as possible when asking for tech support.
If you prefer to use a mail client, contact us at


Documentation included with installation and also available online. Deskman Classic documentation is available here.

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